How to train your brain to be more focused, calm and confident using my 35-day audio course.

Science has proven regular meditation leads to a happier, healthier and more productive life.

Nina-Beste-Natural-Shot-3Do you ever feel like your mind is permanently on overdrive? Like you're constantly rushing around completing jobs on your endless to-do-list? Do you ever become frustrated or stressed, sometimes for no particular reason?

If this sounds familiar to you, or if you're someone who would benefit from having a more calm, and focused mind, then meditation will help.

When you think of meditation, it's tempting to think of bald men wearing robes, sitting cross-legged in the mountains for 18-hours a day. But it doesn't have to be that way. In-fact, meditation is very scientific.

But how can you absorb all of the benefits of meditation without becoming a Shaolin Monk? How can you experience a calmer, more focused mind throughout your everyday life? And how can you become more creative, motivated, happy and healthy?

In am talking about the kind of focus where you get twice as much work done (and finish early). Where you can effortlessly enter a calm and relaxed frame of mind with your own conscious control.

I've spent 20-years studying meditation, and have now developed my digital meditation course, Mindful Clarity. It's nothing wacky. Nothing complex. Just a simple e-course giving you the tools you need to learn meditation from the comfort of your own home. So you can experience all the benefits of meditation by applying what I teach you, and develop a more calm and focused mind.

Mindful Clarity is my collection of 5 meditation audios, training your mind to be more focused, calm and confident.

There's no need to struggle through a life of procrastination, stress, poor health and lack of self-control. Because you can remove all these problems from your life with Mindful Clarity. You'll notice yourself becoming more focused, calm and confident after your first session.

Mindful Clarity contains 5 mindful meditation audios. You listen to each guided meditation once per day, moving onto the next phase each week. Just like a muscle building program progresses onto different exercises and routines, so does this e-course - but we're training your mind instead of your body. All you need is a pair of headphones, and you can follow Mindful Clarity from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, Ipod, or any other MP3 playing device. And I'll be there for further support along the way.

How meditation changed my life, and how it's going to do the same for you.

For those of you who don't know, my name is Nina Beste. I am the creator of Mindful Clarity, and have been studying meditation, yoga and the human brain since I was 12-years old.

I know why the mind procrastinates. I know why the brain becomes stressed, anxious, sad and unmotivated. And I understand how meditation will help you breeze past all of these problems, and lead a happier, healthier and more productive life.

But I don't just know all of this from reading scientific studies and from receiving amazing feedback from my customers. I also have a very personal story with meditation.

I was born in Germany, and as a child I always struggled with being overweight. This led to me having a low self-esteem, and even being bullied at school. My mother could see I was clearly struggling with myself, and recommended autogenic training. When I first began, I didn't lose any weight, but I became much calmer and more at ease with myself.

After seeing such profound results so fast, I was keen to learn more. And this began my journey into the human mind. I began reading books on meditation and mindfulness, and attended a local meditation class. With no dis-respect to the religious and spiritual side of meditation, I kept my studying towards the scientific benefits it had to offer.

Nothing happened immediately, but after consistent meditation practice I began to develop a healthier, more stable state of mind. My confidence in myself grew as I became more in control of my emotions. I also became more focused and my school life greatly improved. I loved the results I got from meditation. This simple exercise changed my life. And for that reason I've been studying it since.

On my journey to learn more about the mind, I also studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with its co-founder, Dr. Richard Bandler - the man who has been quoted as one of "the most influential thinkers of the 21st Century". In 2011 I became a qualified NLP and EFT Master Practitioner, and a qualified meditation instructor.

And this is how I came to put together Mindful Clarity. It was a long project that took time to map out and organize. But its finished, and is accessible to you right now. I built Mindful Clarity using my 2-decades of experience, research, and information I've personally learn't from some of the worlds greatest "thinkers".

Mindful Clarity is a simple mindful meditation e-course, giving you the tools to meditate and absorb all the wonderful benefits meditation has to offer, from the comfort of your own home.

8 more reasons to get started today, from the comfort of your own home.

1. Growing your intelligence and learning ability.

Top neuroscientist Professor Richard Davidson scanned the brains of monks who had been meditating for at-least 10,000 hours (not all in one go). The monks brains had changed completely. The front left part of the brain associated with optimistic thinking, memory and learning ability was activated. But you don't need to wait 10,000 hours to see results. Science has proven regular meditation will deliver positive changes on the brain in just two weeks. (1)

2. Improving focus, productivity and self-control.

Numerous studies have proven meditation improves our ability to focus, and to sustain focus over a longer period of time. Not only will you see positive changes taking place in your life, but if you had an x-ray, you would see physical changes taking place in the brain. Your brain goes through structural changes around the anterior cingulate cortex - the area of your brain that monitors your focus and self-control. These changes lead to a heightened focus and self-control. (2)

3. Heightening creativity & innovation.

Science has proven mindful meditation will heighten your creativity, including your ability to solve problems and generate good ideas. One study from North Dakota State University used a large number of volunteers, and found mindful meditation improved "insight problem solving". This is "seeing" problems and solving them in a novel way. (3)

In the same year, a study from Leiden University showed mindful meditation induced "divergent thinking". This is a type of thinking that allows new creative ideas to be generated. (4)

4. Building a calm and stress-free mind.

Stress was originally designed thousands of years ago to get us out of danger. It floods our blood with adrenaline and cortisol, increasing our heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate, so we can deliver more oxygen to the muscles faster.

A long time ago, this was helpful to help us escape from a wild animal. But it's not helpful for today's worries (such as a pressuring deadline). Neuroscientists have found this response kicks-off in the amygdala. People with chronic stress have a hyper-reactive amygadala, which leaves them feeling "threatened" more of the time.

A study from Stanford found mindful meditation reduces the reactivity in the amygdala, and increases activity in the prefrontal cortex - the area of the brain that regulates emotions, resulting in better stress control. (5)

5. Better relationships with everyone in your life.

Scientists at the University Of Rochester found regular mindful meditation developed better relationship satisfaction, and better communication quality during relationship discussions. Consistent mindful meditation completely shifts your frame of mind, making you a more caring and accepting. An accepting frame of mind not only improves your relationship with your partner, but also your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you come into contact with. (6)

6. Living a happier, more enjoyable life.

Basic positive thinking doesn't work. To be happy you need something regular that uplifts your sense of well-being. Scientific research shows mindful meditation re-wires the brain for problem solving, optimistic thinking. Mindfulness has been shown to re-structure your brain so you can build positive thought patterns throughout your day. Happiness is not based on something you do or have. It's a way of feeling you have about yourself. Mindfulness gives you a greater sense of well-being at no effort or cost. (7)

7. Lowering anxiety and becoming more confident.

If you worry a lot, the don't worry, mindfulness can help. Similar to stress, anxiety is a response triggered in the amygdala, inducing fear and other unhelpful emotions. Scientists from the Stanford University found participants who completed regular mindful meditation reduced anxiety levels through being in better control of their minds and emotions. And a separate study showed regular mindful meditation improves our ability to deal with difficult decisions and situations (subsequently lowering anxiety levels). (8)

8. Effortlessly developing healthy habits.

Mindfulness makes you more aware of your food choices, and the impact your food has on your body. You become aware of the "lethargic" effects of sugary snacks, and aware of the "vibrant" benefits of healthy foods. But mindful meditation doesn't help you resist sugary snacks - it completely changes your relationship with food. You develop a "health mind-set", so you actually want to eat healthy (instead of needing to exert large amounts of willpower). (9)

A closer look at the five unique guided meditation audio's you'll receive when you purchase Mindful Clarity

Phase 1: Mindfulness Of Breathing

In Phase 1, you meditate whilst keeping your concentration on your breathing. This simple exercise is a great way to become familiar with mindful meditation, whilst improving your overall sense of awareness. Research shows concentrating on your breathing grows your concentration and discipline, reduces stress, and is a perfect way to reach a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Phase 2: Mindfulness Of Body

Mindfulness of body is a wonderful way to advance with your meditation practice. You become aware of all the areas of your body and the sensations you're feeling. You begin to carry your new relaxed state of mind into other areas of life. You become more grounded with your mindful state of awareness, and begin to feel more happy, healthy and productive throughout your day.

Phase 3: Mindfulness Of Feelings

It's easy to become overwhelmed. In Phase 3, I show you how to observe your emotions. Your mind-set shifts from "I am stressed" to "I am experiencing feelings of stress". This makes your day more enjoyable and productive, because your mood is no-longer held down by temporary negative emotions.

Phase 4: Mindfulness Of Consciousness

In Phase 4, Mindfulness Of Consciousness, I encourage your mind to wander off, and then guide your concentration back to the present moment. This makes you more aware of your thoughts and how your mind works. You will be able to carry this skill over into other areas of your life. When you become overwhelmed with negative emotions, you can pull yourself back into a positive state of mind.

Phase 5: Mindfulness Of Hindrances

The 5 mental hindrances are: Cravings, anger, laziness, anxiety and doubt. We all face these obstacles during our meditation practice and in our lives. In this final phase of Mindful Clarity, I show you how to observe these hindrances and allow them to pass by (instead of obsessing over them). This puts you in a more stable, calm state of mind and makes your day more enjoyable.

You'll also be able to watch the introductory video I have prepared for you. You'll learn:

Precision engineered binaural beats, for an extra soothing meditation session.

Binaural beats are specially engineered tones that are scientifically proven to deliver positive effects on the brain, including boosting creativity, problem solving ability and even better pain control. But most importantly, science has proven binaural beats help you enter a deeper state of relaxation and concentration - allowing you to relax and isolate your focus onto one task.

This unique combination of relaxation and focus allows you to get more out of each meditation session. And you don't need any experience. All you need is a pair of headphones, and you'll be able to enter a deep, relaxed, meditative state effortlessly.

When you sit down and meditate, your brain falls into the Alpha Level. The Alpha Level is associated with all the benefits of meditation. The problem is, most people struggle to remain in the Alpha Level for longer than 30-seconds. Some people will spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on meditation coaches and classes trying to overcome this one problem. But our specially engineered binaural beats will put you, and keep you in the Alpha Level fast and effortlessly.

You don't even need to do anything for them to work. They'll be quietly humming away in the background working their magic during each of your meditation sessions.

Purchase your own copy of Mindful Clarity today, for just a one-time payment of $47.

Mindful Clarity is a digital course. After your purchase, you'll have instant access you to your new product. No post and packaging costs. No storage space needed. And no time delays for delivery. And you can follow Mindful Clarity from your laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet, Ipod, or any other MP3 playing device.

Your purchase also comes with a 60-day no-questions asked guarantee. If you're not happy with the results, or if this e-course doesn't live up to your highest expectations, then simply send me an email within 60-days of purchase, and I'll send your money straight back.

So it's really a no-brainer. There's no risk. And no waiting. Click on the "Give Me Instant Access!" button below to buy Mindful Clarity for just $47.

Your protected by my no-questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

You can purchase Mindful Clarity with peace of mind, because you're protected by my 60-day money back guarantee. If this e-course doesn't live up to your highest expectations, then drop me an email within 60-days of purchase and I'll send your money straight back.

So try the course out today. If you feel as though I haven't delivered on any of the 4 promises below, then let me know within 60-days and I'll send your $47 straight back to you.

Promise #1: Exceptional Quality

This program has been put together by professional record producers, to ensure it's finished at the highest possible quality. I've even put exceptional work into the design, layout, and every other tiny detail of the product. If the quality of this program doesn't live up to your expectations, then drop me an email within 60 days of purchase and I'll send your $47 straight back to you.

Promise #2: Exceptional Results

Mindful meditation has done so much to improve my life. And now I am passionate about making sure it does the same for you. I promise this program will deliver exceptional results in all areas of your life. If it doesn't, then I'll issue you a 100% refund.

Promise #3: Exceptional Usability

Once you've purchased this program, you'll receive instant digital access. Me and my publishers set this platform up with your usability in mind. It's so simple and easy to use. You can literally start meditating seconds after completing your payment.

Promise #4: Exceptional Support

My final promise is that I'll provide you with excellent support fast. Like I said, I am passionate about making sure you get the most out of this program. I want to help you in anyway I can. And I'll get back to you in under 24 hours time. If I fail to keep this promise, then I'll issue you a 100% refund.

Click on the "Give Me Instant Access" button below to purchase Mindful Clarity for one low price of $47.


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Nina Beste
Qualified NLP Master Practitioner
Qualified EFT Practitioner
Meditation Instructor